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Movie Info: Firequake 2015

 Director: Geoff Browne
Writer: Denyc
Stars: Alexandra Paul, Zoë Barker, Nigel Barber
Genres: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Storyline: Promethean Kinetics has made Helios, a progressive clean coal vitality source so effective it equals the power of the sun and will tackle the vitality emergency. In any case, when certain administrations begin cutting security measures needed by Helios, the very hazardous item starts to leak far beneath the Earth’s outside, creating goliath impacts of flame and brutal seismic tremors over the surface. As urban communities shake and seas bubble, Eve Carter, inventor of the Helios innovation, hurries to explore the underground sensation. As the circumstance turns out to be regularly desperate, she is the singular case out of many others who can spare humanity, also notoriety.

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